Symposium Blogathon

Welcome to the ‘Symposium Blogathon’. Every weekday in November we published a blog about the research that was discussed at the 32nd International Symposium on ALS/MND.

Blogs are separated into themes, and these are indicated by background colour:

Symposium (dark pink) – find out more about the International Symposium on ALS/MND, this year’s virtual platform, presentations, and how to access live presentations, Q&A sessions, live poster sessions and much more. You can also find out more about our plenary speakers – invited guest speakers who are experts in their field – and a little about their presentations.
Biology (turquoise) – the science of life. The main players involved in making us tick, from cells, molecules, nerves to the whole brain and how, as we increase our understanding of these, researchers can create models of MND that more accurately mimic the disease and allow us to find out even more and begin to develop new therapeutic strategies.
Symptoms and disease management
Symptoms and disease management (purple) – understanding, managing and improving the care of people with MND and the people who care for and support them.
Causes (blue) – what do researchers study to find out more about what causes MND?
Diagnosis and prognosis
Diagnosis and prognosis (green) – find out more about how improvements are being made to diagnostic techniques, the search for biomarkers to speed up diagnosis and measure disease progression, and how technology will impact MND now and in the future.
Investigational therapies
Investigational therapies (yellow) – from bench to bedside, covering medicines that are already available for people with MND to those in development and into the future.