Plenary speakers

Every year, we invite a number of plenary speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Their talks complement the Symposium sessions by providing a coherent overview on a variety of topics across the ALS/MND research and clinical management spectrum. Click on the images below to find out more about the plenary speakers who will be presenting at the 30th International Symposium in Perth.


Prof Samar Aoun

Prof David J Berlowitz

Prof Don W Cleveland

Prof Luc Deliens

Prof Steven Finkbeiner

Dr Julian Grosskreutz

Dr Jeffrey J Iliff

Dr Melinda S Kavanaugh

Prof Shigeki Kuzuhara

Dr Susan E Mathers

Prof Capucine Morelot-Panzini

Dr Avindra Nath

Dr Hiroshi Nishimune

A/Prof Thomas J Oxley

Prof Erik P Pioro

A/Prof Kenneth J Rodgers

Prof Nortina Shahrizaila

Dr Gen Sobue

A/Prof Bradley Turner

Prof Martin Turner

Prof Naomi Wray

Prof Justin Yerbury