Poster prize

To celebrate the high quality of clinical and biomedical posters presented by early-career researchers during the symposium, the MND Association presents the International Symposium on ALS/MND biomedical and clinical poster prize.

The winners of the poster prize are announced during the Joint Closing session of the Symposium, where the winners are presented with a certificate, engraved glass paperweight, and from 2018, they will also be offered a free space at the upcoming Symposium. Usually, one prize is given for the clinical poster and one for the biomedical poster.

Poster Prize winners 2019

Clinical Poster Prize

Ruben van Eijk from University Medical Centre Utrecht, Netherlands
'Optimising the ALSFRS-R as a clinical trial endpoint'  (CLT-14)

Biomedical Poster Prize

Laura Reale from University of Tasmania, Australia
‘Does mislocalised TDP-43 in excitatory neurons of the motor cortex cause ALS-like pathology in the spinal cord?’ (IVV-32)

Nora Markus, University of Sheffield, UK
‘AI-led drug discovery identifies Nilotinib as a lead compound for ALS’ (TST-41)

The 2019 poster prize was sponsored by Orphazyme.