Dr Julian Grosskreutz
University Hospital Jena, Germany

Julian Grosskreutz is a clinician scientist with a strong interest in translational neuroscience to develop new therapies in neurodegenerative diseases. Starting his career at the University of Munich (Germany) with basic research on human peripheral nerve excitability he expanded his work in Sydney (Australia), Graz (Austria), Hannover (Germany), Leuven (Belgium) and Sheffield (UK) conceptualizing a disturbance of the ER mitochondria calcium cycle as key mechanism in neurodegenerative diseases.

Since 2007 he is an independent researcher and runs a large translational clinic for patients with neuromuscular and motoneuron diseases. He coordinates the global MRI repository of the Neuroimaging Society in ALS (https://nisals.net) and cooperates on a national, european and global level with motoneuron disease researchers and clinicians to model disease progression and biomarker/neuroimaging driven stratification to facilitate clinical trial development.

Talk title
"Is ALS a network disease?"