Professor Capucine Morélot-Panzini
Pitié-Salpétrière University Hospital – Sorbonne University, France

Born in 1974, Capucine Morélot-Panzini is a Professor of Pulmonology at the Sorbonne University Medical School in Paris. Specialized in home ventilation and diaphragm pathologies, she heads a12-beds home ventilation unit in the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Pitié-Salpétrière University Hospital (Paris). This day unit follows 800 patients, including 360 ALS patients on long term home ventilation.

After completing a postdoctoral fellowship in the Dyspnea Lab of Harvard Medical School (Boston), she has been leading the team of “Neurophysiological determinants of breathlessness and its treatment applications” in UMRS 1158 Inserm-Sorbonne University since 2012.

Talk title
"The multidimensional nature of respiratory failure in ALS"