For ePoster Presenters

Thank you to everyone who submitted their poster material for the ePoster Hall for the Virtual 31st International Symposium. All accepted poster corresponding authors should now have received their live poster session details along with their poster reference that is different to the submission ID assigned to abstracts during the submission process.

Next steps...

  • Watch the videos below to familiarise yourself with the layout of the poster session for presenters in our virtual platform.
  • Check your last email from us to provide your MND communication preference to confirm whether we can use your poster material in our communications (Twitter / Blog / Periodic Table).
  • Note your poster reference and allocated live poster session time and date (given in GMT).
  • Ensure that you have assigned the correct presenter for each poster and they have also registered to attend the meeting. If there has been a change to the presenter, please let us know as soon as possible at

e-Poster Hall

The e-Poster Hall will be available to access throughout the meeting (see screenshot).

Here, delegates can preview your research by watching your 'lightning explainer' video, viewing your poster PDF, reading the author bio and poster abstract. Delegates can also connect with you to network in the Meeting Hub, and they can leave comments/questions in the discussion forum for you to get back to.

Live Poster Session

There will also be a live poster session held on each day of the virtual event which will allow you to present short presentations to a group of attendees live (can be up to 50 attendees at a time). You can share your screen to display your virtual poster as a slide/image, like a regular live poster presentation. Delegates can un-mute themselves to talk to you during the session so it’s an opportunity to be more interactive with them if you would like to do so.

Please watch the videos on this page to familiarise yourself with the presenter layout on our virtual platform this year.

Each poster has been allocated one session to present in (email sent to corresponding author of poster):

  • Poster Session A will be held on Wednesday 9 December at 17:10 – 17:50 GMT (1210 – 1250 EST  |  0210 - 0250 JST)
  • Poster Session B will be held on Thursday 10 December at 17:10 – 17:50 GMT (1210 – 1250 EST  |  0210 - 0250 JST)
  • Poster Session C will be held on Friday 11 December at 12:10 – 12:50 GMT (0705 – 0750 EST  |  2105 - 2150 JST)

Please ensure the correct presenter is assigned to each poster and they have registered to attend the Symposium. If there has been a change to the presenter, please let us know as soon as possible at

Key dates

Abstract submission 28 September 2020 (23:59 UK time)
Abstract decisions w/c 5 October 2020
Withdrawal and registration payment 12 October 2020
Poster PDF & video URL submission 13 November 2020 (23:59 UK time)
Poster abstracts on website 30 November 2020
ePosters on virtual platform December 2020

Contact us

For any abstract-related queries, please use the form below. Please DO NOT submit your abstract below - it will not be reviewed.
  • Please quote your submission ID (if you do not have one, input '000')