Exploring the ALS-FTD Continuum – Our Speakers

As part of the upcoming 34th International Symposium on ALS/MND, we are excited to  be hosting a series of three ALS-FTD joint sessions in collaboration with the International Society for Frontotemporal Dementias. On the 6 December, delegates will hear from experts in ALS/MND and FTD research who will share their latest findings, explore the overlap between the two diseases and identify new collaborative opportunities.

These sessions will be available to all registered delegates and run in parallel to our usual biomedical and clinical sessions. We are also offering an in-person day rate to anyone wishing to only attend these sessions. Head to our registration page for more details.

Professor Sharon Abrahams
University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Professor Michael Benatar
University of Miami, USA

Professor Adam Boxer
University of California San Fransico, USA

Professor Adrian Isaacs
University College London, UK

Professor Jan Kassubek
University of Ulm, Germany

Dr Corey McMillan
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Manuela Neumann
University Hospital of Tübingen, Germany

Professor Jonathan Rohrer
University College London, UK

Dr Howie Rosen
University of California San Francisco, USA

Professor Chris Shaw
King's College London, UK

Professor Martin Turner
University of Oxford, UK

Professor Leonard van den Berg
UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

Professor John van Swieten
Erasmus MC, Netherlands