Lucie Bruijn

Dr Lucie Bruijn
Translational Medicine/Therapeutic Area Head, BMD, Novartis, Switzerland

Talk title: "Gene therapy: Prospects and pitfalls"

Lucie Bruijn has worked in the neurodegenerative field for the past 28 years, with a specific interest in developing therapies for these devastating disorders. As Therapeutic Area Head for ALS at Novartis, she oversees therapeutic strategies and biomarker development for antibody, small molecule and gene therapy assets. Prior to joining Avexis, Gene Therapies (now Novartis), as Chief Scientist at the ALS Association, Lucie established the first translational research program for ALS, Translational Research Advancing Therapies for ALS (TREAT ALS). Through partnerships between academia, government and industry and soliciting donor contributions for strategic programs, she stablished initiatives for drug development, clinical trials, biomarkers, assistive technology, precision medicine, large-scale sequencing and analytics. These initiatives directly lead to the development of antisense technologies for neurodegeneration and have contributed towards the tools required for industry to tackle the challenges of drug development for ALS. Lucie received her BSC in Pharmacology at Rhodes University, South Africa, MSc in Neuroscience at Kings College London and Ph.D. in Biochemistry focusing on tau biology and Alzheimer’s disease at Kings College, London. More recently, she received her MBA at Imperial College, London with a focus on industry-academic partnerships and the role of intellectual property.