Heike Gudat

Dr Heike Gudat
Specialist for Palliative Care, Physician in GP surgery, Hospiz im Park, Switzerland

Talk title: "Medical assistance in dying in Switzerland"

Heike Gudat is a physician specialized in palliative care. Until 2020 she has been head of the HOSPIZ IM PARK, a pioneer hospital for palliative care in Switzerland. Since 2021, she has been working in a GP surgery.

Heike’s main research projects focused on Palliative oncology and non-oncology patients’ wish to die (funded by Oncosuisse and Swiss National Foundation SNF), decision making and quality in primary palliative care (SNF).

Heike holds a lectureship for palliative care at the University of Basel, Switzerland. In 2000 she was honoured with the Swiss Award for Palliative Care for her pioneering work.